About GigaPixel Panorama

Automated Gigapixel Panorama Acquisition

Taking photographs to stitch together later to create high detail such as gigapixel panoramas requires precise, repetitive, and meticulous camera positioning for the tens to hundreds of images required. The purpose of this project was to design a motorized and automated panorama head so that a panorama could be taken automatically without repetitive work by the user, such as accurately adjusting the camera's direction for every picture.

A user interface was made to allow the systemís user to input parameters for the camera, lens, and percent overlap between the images. The software estimates the horizontal and vertical field of view of the panorama, the number of images required to form the panorama, and the estimated gigapixels count containted in the panorama and displays this data on the interface.

A FTP server on the computer used makes the images taken with the camera avaliable via FTP. The computer can be connected to via a wired or wireless network connection to access the system remotely while waiting on the system to complete the panorama.

Test results of the system show that it is capable of producing very high detail panoramas without requiring the user to manually adjust the camera for each shot, instead the whole panorama is taken automatically including the shutter release.